I don’t know what would it be like if a being like Jesus were to arrive today.

However, I do know what it was like in 1975 when I spent a year with the Avatar who was called “Serena”. When asked if she was Jesus, she responded: “No, but we come from the same family.” There were hundreds who believed her. I was one of them. I wound up with hundreds of pages of transcriptions of her meetings, and hours of audio.

This book consists almost entirely of verbatim transcripts of public meetings she gave in support of her stated dual missions: “To teach, and to prepare the way for 12 more who are yet to come.”

Her teachings are all encompassing, from personal life tips, to parables, the nature of the soul and of good and evil, and prophecy. Sometimes she sounded like Jesus. Other times like Buddha, or Krishna. (Or, Rachel Maddow!)

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